Saturday, May 5, 2007

A new bicycle

One morning about this time last year, as I was parking my Volvo XC at my office on the Petaluma River, it occurred to me that I needed a new bicycle.

My commute from home to office was a scant mile, and driving the tank- perfect for family road trips- was, well...nearly obscene. I resolved to bicycle commute, weather permitting.

If I was going to make a commitment to cycling to work, I was going to need a classy, and classic ride. My old Bianchi cyclocross wasn't going to do the trick.

I have fond memories of the steel steeds that my parents rode when I was young: a pair of 3-speed Hercules bicycles with Made in England proudly emblazoned on the top tubes, and set out to find something similar for a daily rider.

A couple of weeks of searching craigslist postings turned up what appeared to be a nice old Rudge roadster in D.C. The seller did not want to ship the bicycle, but after several email exchanges, agreed to deliver it to his LBC where it could be properly packed and shipped to the West Coast.

Deal done, and I was the proud owner of a 1951 Rudge De-Luxe Sports Tourist.

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